Yo there, I’m Iheanyi. I’m a product engineer currently living in Houston, Texas. Currently, I'm a Senior Software Engineer at PlanetScale. While I enjoy both designing and building products, I also enjoy co-hosting my podcast, Two Black Nerds, with my best friend Romeo. I'm also an angel investor and scout for Kleiner Perkins.


PlanetScale November 2020 – now

Senior Software Engineer

GitHub August 2018 – November 2020

Senior Software Engineer

DigitalOcean March 2016 – July 2018

Software Engineer II

IBM Watson February 2015 – February 2016

Software Engineer

iCeNSA February 2013 – December 2014

Research Assistant

IBM Systems May 2013/2014 – August 2013/2014

Software Engineering Intern

Cooperative Computing Lab January 2012 – December 2012

Research Assistant


University of Notre Dame, December 2014

B.S. Computer Science / B.A. Graphic Design


Strange Loop (2018) Building a Canary Testing Framework
JSCamp Romania (2017) gRPC and Protobufs
NPM Camp (2016) Ember.js, DevOps, and You
MadisonRuby (2016) Ember.js, DevOps, and You
Wicked Good Ember (2016) Ember.js, DevOps, and You
ThunderPlainsConf (2015) Intro to Ember.js and Ember-CLI
FrontPorchConf (2015) Intro to Ember.js and Ember-CLI

Interested in having me speak at an upcoming conference? Reach out to me at iekechukwu -at- gmail.com or send a message on Twitter.