24 March 2015

A List of Open Source Ember.js Applications

In my opinion, one of the main strengths of Ember is that its strong opinions on directory structure and code organization makes it quite easy to open up any open source project and easily locate where certain business logic resides. While first learning Ember, I found myself looking at other open-source Ember projects in order to get a better understanding of how it works. Of course, you can take a look at Ember.js projects in the wild at Built with Ember, but for studying purposes, let’s take a look at popular open source Ember.js projects.

Created by Jeff Atwood, Discourse is a platform for community discussion, using a Ruby on Rails back-end.
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I’m a fan of this one, given that I’m a fan of anime. Hummingbird is an anime discovery platform built with a Rails back-end, I found myself referencing this repo for an idea of how authentication works.
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A somewhat new-ish blogging platform, Ghost uses a back-end developed in NodeJS.
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Wordset is an open-source, collaborative dictionary that aims to democratize language. The back-end is built using Ruby on Rails and Grape for the API server.
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HN Reader
An embitious Hacker News reader built using Ember.JS.
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Ember Observer - Thanks John!
A website built for discovering and comparing Ember-CLI addons.
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The dashboard for the Aptible PaaS. This project serves as a good example for organizing your projects with pods.
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Ember Addons
Another website for finding addons for Ember-CLI.
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Ember Twiddle - Thanks Gaurav!
A JSFiddle type web editor for creating Ember-CLI style code.
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Open source software for developing world hospitals. The cool thing about this is that it’s an offline-first application using PouchDB.
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Have suggestions for another open-source project to add? Please open an issue on this repo!

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